Pharma Horizons: Cell and Gene Therapy

This report is dedicated to exploring some of the latest innovations in the cell and gene therapy space, from development and quality control, through to manufacturing and clinical trials.

Download this report to discover key developments impacting cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing. Articles explore how the rapid expansion of the cell and gene therapy field has affected skills, recruitment and training needs; delve into manufacturing and quality requirements for CGTs, and explore how these new modalities are transforming clinical trials. 

Expert insights from cell and gene therapy professionals, including:

  • Dr Ivan Wall, Professor of Regenerative Medicine at the University of Birmingham and Director of RESILIENCE: the UK Medicines Manufacturing Skills Centre of Excellence
  • Andrew Frazer and James Cody of Charles River’s Gene Therapy CDMO
  • Drew Hope, Ryan Guest, and Clare Blue from eXmoor Pharma
  • Takehiro Okumura, Director of Cell Therapy Quality at Takeda
  • Patricia Fox Anderson and Emily Merrell from ICON’s Centre for Cell & Gene Therapy

Learn more about:

  • Training, recruitment and diversity challenges in our report from Advanced Therapies
  • How automation and single-use systems are helping to drive down CGT costs and development timelines
  • Defining a chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) strategy 
  • Quality perspectives in navigating development of cell therapy programmes
  • Environmental monitoring requirements for ATMP manufacturing facilities.

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