Guide to Data Integrity 2024

In this Guide to Data integrity articles explore the role of data integrity in CCS, AI and ML as well as biopharma manufacturing.

Guide to Data Integrity Issue 3 2024

  • Harnessing microbial identification data to boost confident decision-making
    Charles River highlights the significant role data integrity plays in contamination control strategies.
  • Data integrity and AI: how pharma can build a data-driven future
    LabVantage Solutions explains that data integrity remains a core responsibility – and challenge – as pharmaceutical organisations seek to leverage AI and data lakes to grow, innovate and serve patients.
  • A holistic approach to safeguard data integrity in biopharma manufacturing
    Data integrity is critical in biopharma manufacturing yet is often difficult to achieve due to complex regulatory requirements and legacy data management systems, among the many factors. Furthermore, issues such as data accuracy, completeness and security impact product quality, regulatory compliance and ultimately patient safety. Addressing all these challenges demands a multifaceted approach that requires integrating robust processes, leveraging advanced technologies and creating a culture of compliance, explains Fausto Artico. 

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