Video: Unveiling the science behind NGS

Virtual seminar presented by Christine Farrance, PhD, Senior Global Scientific Affairs Liaison of Microbial Solutions at Charles River designed to improve your understanding of how to leverage NGS to analyze the entire genome and mixed samples in a single, efficient test to identify, classify, and understand microbes in mixed and pure samples.

Traditional sequencing methods such as Sanger and MALDI-TOF, can be limited in what they can offer if samples are not pure or if they cannot be cultured, if they fail to generate usable data, or if the target DNA is large. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies shatter these limitations by addressing needs that cannot be met with compendial methods.

  • Through the examination of real-world case studies, you will learn about:
    NGS technologies and bioinformatics: Unveiling the science behind NGS
  • Regulatory insights: A comprehensive understanding of NGS regulations

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