Future of QA/QC for Complex Biologics Whitepaper

Download this whitepaper to discover the latest developments and research in QA/QC for biologic therapies via exclusive articles, interviews and application notes.

Fact: the number of biologics on the market is growing.

The precision, customisation and potential to combat or cure previously untreatable diseases makes biological products such as cell and gene therapies extremely desirable and, as a result, it has never been more essential for QA/QC professionals to rise to the challenge of complex biological therapies. 

In the original pieces listed below, experts from across the biopharmaceutical industry discuss the technologies making the adoption of high quality, consistent and safe biological therapies a possibility, exploring everything from how to combat contamination in sterile products to specific analytical techniques.

Included in this whitepaper:

  • O-glycan analysis of therapeutic proteins enabled by O-glycoprotease
    Xiaofeng Shi, Saulius Vainauskas and Christopher H Taron, New England Biolabs (NEB)
  • Optimising analytical separations of synthetic RNA with modified HPLC
    Anastassia Kanavarioti, Yenos Analytical LLC, and Sandra Rontree, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Release of sterile medicinal products – looking at the focal points
    Tim Sandle, Bio Products Laboratory
  • Preventing contamination during biopharmaceutical production
    Victoria Rees, European Pharmaceutical Review
  • Native liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometric analysis for the assessment of higher order structures of proteins
    Dr Ioannis A Papayannopoulos, Celldex Therapeutics
  • Application of liquid chromatography in characterisation of lipid nanoparticle-based oligonucleotides
    Adam Socia, Andreas Abend, Yong Liu and Yuejie Zhao, MSD
  • Assessing host cell protein contamination in biotechnological products
    Vanda Dolabela de Magalhães, Bionovis
  • Solid- and Liquid-State NMR for monitoring of polysaccharide antigen in the manufacturing process
    Francesco Berti, GSK Vaccines
  • Innovations in analytical science: development of rapid, highthroughput glycoanalytics for biopharmaceuticals
    Victoria Smith, Lewis Wharram and Stuart Jamieson, CPI Biologics

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