Product hub: 3P® connect EM-BODY connectivity

3P CONNECT is your EM partner for data compliance and process efficiency, for reliable decision making and taking control of your EM.

Operating as a microbiological partner for more than 55 years, we know that the environmental monitoring (EM) process can be cumbersome, involving multiple departments, plenty of low value-added tasks, as well as multiple risks of error.

Today’s pharmaceutical companies are faced with a double challenge:

  1. 1. Dealing with an error-prone process that results in a lack of data integrity across the overall EM process, characterised by paper‑based, handwritten and manual recordings, that leads to mistakes and lengthy sampling times
  2. 2. A lack of efficiency due to the complexity of the process, absence of real-time acquisition, and collection and reconciliation of large numbers of samples, ultimately slowing down the entire process.