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Dissolution testing: current and future considerations

JPAGlogo_hires_LDate: 9 February 2017

Location: Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BA

Email: events@jpag.org

Website: http://www.jpag.org/81

Event Description:

Dissolution and disintegration are the only release tests for solid oral dosage forms that provide any insight into the rate of release of the drug into the body. Historically, dissolution was viewed primarily as a quality control tool affirming that the rate of release after manufacture and at the end of the product’s shelf-life, were aligned with global regulatory expectations and commitments. Over the last two-decades this view has started to change and now there is clear expectation that dissolution must have clinical relevance and be predictive of any changes that may have an impact on bioavailability of the product. However, the challenge remains: how can a single test be sensitive enough to predict changes that may be of clinical relevance, whilst being robust enough to satisfy the needs of a quality control environment?

During the morning session, this symposium will explore the current state of these techniques from a regulatory, pharmacopoeia, academic and industry perspective. In the afternoon session, the OrBiTo consortium will explore how dissolution is evolving to meet future needs.

This symposium should be attractive to scientists working in development, quality control, regulatory, pharmacopoeias and academia. In addition senior managers will benefit from attending.

Registrations starts at 09.30 and the symposium starts at 10.00

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