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For many years Xylem brands have been supplying the world's leading researchers with analytical instrumentation through it's globally recognised brands; Bellingham + Stanley, YSI, OI Analytical, SI Analytics, ebro, WTW and more. 

Whether the need is for a high specification Peltier temperature controlled RFM series refractometer, a newly launched high accuracy multiple wavelength ADP600 polarimeter measuring down to 325nm, a UV/Vis spectrophotometer or a TitroLine® 7000 automatic titrator that can trace it's heritage back to the evolution of electro-chemistry; many scientists first choice instruments are Xylem brands.  

Xylem serves many applications within the pharmaceutical arena.  General analysis of raw materials as well as quality control of goods in manufacture is common to Xylem.  Most instruments meet the requirements outlined in pharmacopeia, for example, our refractometers and polarimeters comply totally with BP/EP/USP/JP, appendix 781 & 831.

Located in Mainz, Germany; Xylem brand SI Analytics’ heritage can be traced back through its former SCHOTT® Geräte name to the invention of glass electrodes in 1937 when SHOTT® laid the foundation for the success of electrochemical measurement.  Since then, Xylem’s SI Analytics has continued to play a key role in ensuring that electrochemical analysis has become a reliable and indispensable process the world over. 

Today, SI Analytics’ newly developed titrator group comprising TitroLine® 6000, TitroLine® 7000 and TITRONIC® 500 combines high accuracy measurement with flexibility in a robust and user friendly platform that makes for fast and simple day-to-day analysis.

Furthermore, the introduction of new models TitroLine® 7500 KF and TitroLine® 7500 KF Trace for the coulometric water analysis in accordance with Karl Fischer methodology, as well as the multi-purpose titrator TitroLine® 7750, expands the measurement scope into the water analysis sector, making SI Analytics’ TitroLine® the series of choice for today’s electrochemistry specialists.

When it comes to biochemistry, Xylem brands YSI and OI Analytical supply automated and on-line instrumentation for specific analytes including TOC, VOC, glucose, lactose amongst many others.  The 2950 Biochemistry Analyser can provide up to 6 chemistries in less than a minute.

Xylem brand ebro, a subsidiary of WTW, supply a number of precision thermometers and dataloggers ideal for the pharmaceutical industry.  Importantly, high accuracy dataloggers monitor the temperature and humidity of vaccines, human tissue, drugs and other raw materials during transit and storage in order to prevent spoilage; whilst EBI 10 dataloggers are commonly used to validate sterilization systems, with PC software capable of operating in accordance with FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11. 

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