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Fasha Mahjoor, Phenomenex CEO, to jump off 87th floor of skyscraper

News, Supplier news / 15 August 2012 / Phenomenex

Fasha Mahjoor, founder and CEO of Phenomenex, will leap off the 87th floor of The Shard in London on the 3rd of September…

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Phenomenex UHPLC column protection system wins R&D 100 Award

News, Supplier news / 9 July 2012 / Phenomenex Inc

The SecurityGuard™ ULTRA UHPLC column protection system has been recognized as one of the top innovations of 2012…

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Phenomenex celebrates 30 years of “breaking with tradition”

News, Supplier news / 7 June 2012 / Phenomenex Inc

Phenomenex proudly marks its 30th anniversary in 2012…


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