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Issue 1 2013 / 21 February 2013 / Expert Panel

Welcome to European Pharmaceutical Review’s Industry Expert Panel. We have assembled a panel of authoritative voices from the pharmaceutical industry to speak on a wide range of issues that affect this industry, sharing their expertise and insight with our readers.

Under the Microscope: Fredrik Sundberg, GE Healthcare

Issue 3 2011 / 20 June 2011 / Fredrik Sundberg, Global Director, Strategic Market Development, GE Healthcare

As a company whose expertise includes medical imaging and information technologies, performance improvement and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, GE Healthcare is well placed to support drug discovery innovation and productivity. With the Pharma industry moving away from blockbuster discoveries and focusing more on orphan drugs and rare diseases in the hopes of achieving medical breakthroughs with wider implications, GE Healthcare sees this impacting on the development of new drugs. “It will require faster, more flexible development capabilities and smaller-scale batch production operations,” Sundberg surmises. “It will be of key importance to try to decrease time-to-market (TTM) to get a return of investment as quickly as possible.”


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