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Product Hub: Metrohm – NIR spectroscopy and compliance

Whitepapers / 2 May 2017 / Dr Nicolas Rühl and Mathias Schilling (Metrohm)

To ensure drug quality, powerful analytical instruments such as spectrometers are used for production monitoring. The use of these instruments underlies regulations, which extend to the associated software. The FDA lays down guidelines for software use in regulated industries in CFR Part 11, which concern electronic signatures and user management, as well as records and audit trails. If these are followed, electronic records have many advantages over paper-based ones, including cost savings, increased data security, and improved accuracy. Metrohm’s Vision Air is developed specifically to enable users from the pharmaceutical industry to keep electronic records in line with CFR Part 11…

Metrohm Webinar

How to implement NIR spectroscopy into the pharmaceutical processes

Industry news, Webinars / 26 September 2014 / Metrohm

This pharma webinar examines the technique of Near Infrared spectroscopy, and how it can be used in pharmaceutical research and development. Potential uses of this excellent PAT tool include identifying raw materials, process control testing and the examination of a final product. We also explored the challenges involved in implementing NIR spectroscopy.

Metrohm whitepaper

App Note: Following the progress of pharmaceutical mixing studies using near-infrared spectroscopy

Whitepapers / 1 May 2014 / Metrohm NIR Systems

This free-to-view Application Note shows the possibility to apply near-infrared spectral information for monitoring the pharmaceutical mixing process…

Near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) Supplement

Near Infrared Spectroscopy: In-depth focus 2014

Issue 1 2014, Near-infrared spectroscopy, Supplements / 9 April 2014 / Otto Scheibelhofer, Stephan Sacher, Johannes G. Khinast, Matthieu Clavaud, Yves Roggo

Near infrared light spectroscopy: Applicability and new developments
Near infrared spectroscopy: in-line biopharmaceutical Chinese Hamster Ovary cell culture monitoring

PAT Supplement 2013

Process Analytical Technology (PAT): In-depth focus 2013

Issue 6 2013, PAT & QbD, Supplements / 16 December 2013 / Morten Allesø, Anette Seo Torstenson, Mette Bryder and Per Holm, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research (H. Lundbeck A/S), Anneleen Burggraeve, Tom Van den Kerkhof, Jeroen Geens, Lieve Bijnens and Mario Hellings (Johnson & Johnson)

Presenting a rational approach to QbD-based pharmaceutical development: A roller compaction case study
PAT for pharmaceutical spray drying
PAT Roundtable
Show Preview: IFPAC® 2014

Sheraz Gul

Video interview with Sheraz Gul

Videos / 15 April 2013 / Freddy White, European Pharmaceutical Review

Sheraz Gul from European ScreeningPort previews the upcoming Cell Based Assays for Screening workshop to be held in June 2013.

Volker J. Frost, Head of Profit Center Spectroscopy, Metrohm NIR Systems

Metrohm NIR Systems interviewed at Pittcon 2013

Videos / 8 April 2013 / Freddy White, European Pharmaceutical Review

Volker J. Frost, Head of Profit Center Spectroscopy, Metrohm NIR Systems speaks to Freddy White about Metrohm NIR Systems’ strategic partnership with FOSS NIRSystems.

Metrohm and FOSS enter strategic alliance

News, Supplier news / 14 February 2013 / Metrohm

Metrohm and FOSS have entered into a strategic alliance strengthening the two companies’ leading positions…


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