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Metrohm and FOSS enter strategic alliance

News, Supplier news / 14 February 2013 / Metrohm

Metrohm and FOSS have entered into a strategic alliance strengthening the two companies’ leading positions…

Under the Microscope: Philip Irving, FOSS NIRSystems Inc.

Issue 6 2011 / 13 December 2011 / Philip Irving, President, FOSS NIRSystems, Inc.

FOSS NIRSystems, Inc. has a long, complicated and rich history tracing back to 1966 when NEOTEC Corporation was founded. Through a number of acquisitions and mergers, NIRSystems was trademarked in 1989 and bought by Perstorp Analytical, before the company was bought by FOSS in 1997, strengthening the company’s pharmaceutical division.

Although Near Infrared (NIR) technology was discovered in the 19th century, the first industrial applications of the technology began in the 1960s, which Irving ascribes to the advent of small affordable computers. “It not only spurred the development of digital instru – mentation, but also made practical the use of chemometrics, the application of mathematics and statistics to spectroscopic analysis,” Irving surmises. So what exactly is NIR technology? It is a spectroscopic method that uses the near infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum to analyse samples. NIR can be used on-line, at-line and in-line in the pharmaceutical industry. “For at-line analysis, the NIR analyser is placed near the process,” explains Irving. “The operator then takes a process sample and places it in the NIR analyser. For on-line and in-line analysis, an NIR probe is inserted into the process line. This probe is connected via fibre optics back to the NIR analyser. The difference between on-line and in-line is where in the process the NIR probe is placed. For in-line analysis, the probe is placed directly into the main process pipe, reactor, etc. For on-line analysis, the probe is placed in a sidestream off the main process pipe or reactor.”


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