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ADInstruments designs and builds high-performance data acquisition systems, trusted for a wide range of life science and biomedical research applications. PowerLab has provided reliable and sensitive data acquisition for an entire generation of scientists, and combines with LabChart analysis software and a huge range of signal transducers to offer a flexible solution for almost all types of acquisition and analysis. Typical applications include human and animal physiology, neurophysiology, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, and pharmacology. The variety of monitoring and analysis options lend themselves to both discovery and safety studies, or talk to our highly skilled technical team to put together the ideal system for your research.

Dose Response Module

LabChart’s Dose Response module is purpose-built to provide all the analysis tools you need for investigating the effect of pharmacological interventions on tissues and whole animal systems, identifying response markers to generate dose response curves and calculate parameters such as EC50 values and Hill slopes.

Tissue/Organ Bath Systems

Our isolated tissue systems provide a controlled environment for conducting studies without the influence of in vivo systemic variables. Choose from all-in-one or modular Organ Bath alongside all the essential components for recording and analysing data from isolated tissue experiments.

Cardiac Function with Millar Mikro-tip

Our Mikro-tip Pressure Volume System combines Millar’s highly sensitive catheters with the integrity of PowerLab data acquisition and LabChart data analysis software to help you measure complete cardiac function. LabChart’s PV Loop module is purpose-built for the analysis of in vivo ventricular pressure-volume data in small and large mammals.

Wire Myography with DMT

DMT Myographs feature single or multiple chambers (up to 10 ml) suitable for the examination of vessels/tubular structures of diameters greater than 60 µm.


ADInstruments provides a range of interactive, hands-on courses and workshops designed to reduce on-boarding time, and work to increase efficiency and output, helping you achieve your research aims, faster. To find out more about upcoming training events in your region here.