Yusen Logistics


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Yusen Logistics fully understands the specialist requirements of the global healthcare supply chain and never forgets that this supply chain is about supplying patients on a time critical basis.

We have invested heavily over the past 25 years in specialist resources and expertise and growth is set to continue as more manufacturers buy into our award-winning services.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of global supply chain solutions for the healthcare industry, enabling customers to select the specific service elements that deliver maximum benefits to their business from both a service and cost perspective.

Our flexible, dedicated, GDP compliant solutions ensure complete product integrity, legislative compliance and exceptional customer service to industry sector clients of all sizes.

Solutions range from delivery of raw materials into manufacturing, to delivery of finished drugs of all classes and equipment, to in-market distributors, hospitals, pharmacies and surgeries.

Whether modelling and executing complex global and pan-European solutions, or providing regional operations, Yusen Logistics has the specialist expertise, resources and NYK backing to support the healthcare supply chain by air, sea, road and rail.

The company’s European region employs some 4,300 employees and operates 76 facilities with over 700,000 m2 of warehousing space throughout Europe, from Spain to Russia. The global headquarters of Yusen Logistics is Tokyo, with other regional headquarters for East Asia, South Asia/Oceania and the Americas