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WITec is a manufacturer of high-resolution optical and scanning probe microscopy solutions for scientific and industrial applications. A modular product line allows the combination of different microscopy techniques such as Raman, NSOM or AFM in one instrument for flexible analyses of optical, chemical and structural properties of a sample.

The WITec alpha300 is the world's only confocal Raman microscope capable of routinely performing 3D chemical Raman imaging while maintaining the highest measurement speed and spectral quality. This is particularly beneficial for applications in which the exact spatial representation of the chemical components on the surface or within the sample is important. Depth profiles, 3D image stacks or topographic Raman images can be easily created with maximum informational content. The local resolution is always dependent on the physical diffraction limit and has an approximate minimum of 200 nm. At the same time, high-speed measurements are possible in which up to 1300 spectra per second can be recorded. Confocal Raman imaging is an ideal tool to:

        Survey the distribution of components within formulations

        Characterize homogeneity of pharmaceutical samples

        Determine the solid state of drug substances and excipients

        Characterize contaminations and foreign particulates 

        Analyze polymorphism and crystallinity

The modular design of the microscope allows Raman imaging to be combined with other microscopy technologies. WITec is a pioneer in this field and has long been able to offer its customers Raman microscopy integrated with AFM or SNOM, selectable through simply rotating the microscope turret. A combination with optical profilometry in WITec’s patented TrueSurface microscopy option for topographic Raman imaging allows large, irregular, rough or inclined samples to be investigated and eliminates the need for complex sample preparation. With RISE microscopy, even correlative Raman-SEM images are possible.

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