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MKS Umetrics are leading data analytics experts with multiple applications in high-tech industries worldwide. We enable customers at both the individual and enterprise levels to maximize the value of their data, enabling better decision-making and process excellence. Through our complete solutions, which include state of the art software, academy training support, consulting, and OEM services, we help our customers to maximize profitability and minimize time to market. Our premier MODDE and SIMCA platforms cover design of experiments (DOE), multivariate data analysis (MVDA), quality prediction, optimization, interactive decision-making, advanced process control, and early fault detection. To learn more about how MKS Umetrics helps customers drive their business forward visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

MODDE – Taking Quality by Design to the Next Level

MODDE Pro ensures that you get things right from the very start – from early screening of factors in research through optimization and stability testing in development, to Design Space analysis for risk assessment in manufacturing and control specification. Download a 30 days free trial

SIMCA – Master Your Data

Whether it is large amounts of data, batch data, time-series data or just data, SIMCA transforms data into visual information for easy interpretation, enabling you to make decisions and take action – quickly and with confidence. And SIMCA will continue to meet your needs in data analysis, now and into the future. SIMCA is the world’s leading visualization software for extracting valuable information from big data sets. Download a 30 days free trial

SIMCA-online - Real-time Process Excellence Solution

SIMCA-online is a real-time prediction system for the continuous and batch process industry. Data is collected from different types of data sources, such as MES, LIMS, process data historians or general purpose SQL databases through SimApis. Multivariate predictions, using models built in SIMCA, enable monitoring in intuitive control charts that summarize the state of the process. More information 

MKS Umetrics Academy

We offer a suite of free webinars where you can learn more about our solutions and how they can help you understanding your data. Would you like to get a deeper understanding then you could sign up for a course. More information on our courses and webinars offers:  

Upcoming events

MKS Umetrics User Meeting 9-10 September 2015, Princeton, NJ, USA

More information about our user meeting can be found here: 

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