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Starting in 2002, GenScript, as a pioneer company, has grown together with the synthetic biology and is the now the world's largest gene synthesis supplier. With subsidiaries in Europe, Japan, and China, and headquartered in New Jersey, GenScript consistently provides the best research services to the scientific community worldwide. Besides the world-leading gene synthesis service, GenScript offers comprehensive services for biological research and early-phase drug discovery, such as bio-reagents, assay development & screening, antibody drug development, and research animal model services. By developing and applying innovative synthetic biology technologies, GenScript assists researchers in advancing and transforming research in biology.

Services Offered

Gene Synthesis Service

Custom Molecular Biology Services

  • Gene synthesis – Any gene you desire
  • DNA sequencing – Accelerate your research
  • Custom oligo synthesis – Affordable modified/labeled oligos
  • Mutagenesis – Any variant you want to build
  • Mutant libraries for Protein Engineering – Broad variation
  • Custom cloning – Any recombinant you want to construct
  • Plasmid preparation – Highly purified of your specified quantity and quality
  • GenPoolTM ORF cloning – Any ORF you can think of
  • KI/KO vector construction – Flexible blueprint
  • Vector-based siRNA and miRNA – Potent silencers and regulators

Peptide Services

  • Standard peptide synthesis service – FlexPeptide ensured quality and delivery
  • Peptide modifications – Comprehensive modification options
  • Peptide library services – Crude and purified peptide library services
  • Peptoid synthesis service – For special amino acid chains
  • Peptide array service

Protein Services

Antibody Services

  • Polyclonal antibody services – Guarantee the ELISA titer of 1:32,000 or better
  • Monoclonal antibody services – Guarantee two positive clones
  • Large-scale antibody production services – mAb production up to gram level
  • MonoExpressTM Western guaranteed antibody services – Get your hybridoma and mAb in only 45 days
  • Express rabbit polyclonal antibody services – 1:32,000 titer pAb delivered in 28 days

Bioprocess Services

  • Transient gene expression and protein production
  • Stable cell line development and protein production
  • Large-scale protein production in mammalian cell system
  • Process development and transfer

Bio-Assay services

  • Primary assay – Compound library screening
  • Secondary assay – Hit confirmation and evaluation
  • Specificity assay – Evaluation of the limitation and potential risk of a candidate compound
  • HTS conversion – High throughput screening assay
  • Compound screening against GPCRs, ion channels, kinases, proteases, and other targets

Antibody Engineering Services:

  • Monoclonal antibody sequencing
  • Bio-molecular interaction analysis
  • Epitope mapping
  • Antibody humanization
  • Antibody affinity maturation
  • Antibody library & phage display
  • Camelid single domain antibody

Animal Model Services

  • In Vivo Drug Efficacy Evaluation
  • Pharmacokinetic Study
  • Toxicity Assessment
  • Biomarker & Bioanalysis

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