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Sirius Analytical design and manufacture unique analytical instrumentation for the pharmaceutical industry. Sirius instruments provide accurate and reliable values for pKa, log P, logD, solubility and dissolution, particle size and shape analysis. These critical physicochemical parameters are important in drug formulation, and influence the ability of New Chemical Entities to cross biological membranes.

SiriusT3 is an automated instrument for measurement of pKa, logP/D, solubility and dissolution using small quantities of API. Used by most of the major pharmaceutical companies and many smaller pharma/biotechs, CRO’s and universities – SiriusT3 is the fastest and most reliable way to obtain in-house preformulation and formulation physchem properties.

The Sirius Insight is an innovative particle size analyser. The instrument utilises two measurement methods: Laser Obscuration Time (LOT) and digital video imaging. This dual channel approach enables the measurement of particle size using the LOT technique and provides a large number of particle shape parameters through dynamic image analysis.

The Sirius SDI (Surface Dissolution Imager) provides the ability to look directly at the solid-liquid interface as the dissolution process is happening. Physical changes and dissolution can be visualized simultaneously.


Sirius also offers an analytical service for high quality PhysChem outsourcing. Available services include pKa, logP/D, solubility, dissolution, surface tension, excipient solubility testing, biorelevant media testing.Our unique solutions for automated supersaturation measurement reveal new insights about the pH-dependent supersaturation a compound can exhibit and how supersaturation may be enhanced or suppressed via the use of formulation additives and excipients.


With facilities in the US and UK Sirius offers global coverage with detailed and reliable analysis, expert staff and rapid turnaround.

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