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Approaches in subcutaneous delivery of monoclonal antibodies

Issue 4 2016 / 24 August 2016 / Claus Geiger, Till Bussemer, Tanya Mezhebovsky and Bernardo Perez-Ramirez, Sanofi

Currently, subcutaneous delivery of therapeutic proteins is a fast-growing field, especially for such established
modalities as monoclonal antibodies, which require large quantities of drug to be administrated. Different approaches, including high protein concentration, specialty formulations and drug delivery matrices, as well as devices enabling a more rapid administration of larger liquid volumes, are being developed. The fastest growing field is the development of drug-device-combination products, requiring optimisation of highly complex and dynamic systems. The early identification of patients’ needs translated into target product profile for drugs and devices, as well as their integration during the development process, are key success factors. The state of this field will be discussed in this article.


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