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German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) - Articles and news items

Eisai bewildered as IQWIG fails to recognise OS benefit of liposarcoma drug

Industry news / 5 September 2016 / Niamh Louise Marriott, Digital Content Producer

n study 309, the pivotal phase III trial on which the indication approval was based, eribulin demonstrated a significant survival advantage in advanced liposarcoma; patients treated with eribulin compared to those treated with dacarbazine, a longstanding, established and internationally accepted treatment option, benefited from a median 7.2 month increase in overall survival for the pre-specified subgroup of patients with unresectable advanced or metastatic liposarcoma (15.6 months versus 8.4 months, HR = 0.511; 95% CI 0.346–0.753; P = 0.0006)…