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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) - Articles and news items

Re-formulation of microbicidal lubricants will help protect from HIV

Industry news / 20 March 2017 / Niamh Marriott, Junior Editor

Research published by BioMed Central’s open access journal AIDS Research and Therapy has investigated the use of lubricants…


Gilead on HIV: New research, new treatments and the potential for a cure

Blog, Z Homepage promo / 15 March 2017 / Mike Elliott, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Gilead Sciences

We caught up with Gilead’s Mike Elliott to find out the latest in HIV medication and whether a cure is finally within our reach…

‘End the stigma – everyone is at risk of HIV’ says TV’s Dr Christian Jessen

Blog, Z Homepage promo / 1 December 2016 / Niamh Louise Marriott, Digital Editor

Embarrassing Bodies’ Dr Christian Jessen talks debunking the stigma surround this pandemic disease and explains why it’s OK if we don’t find a cure…

ViiV Healthcare to evaluate injectable HIV treatment

Industry news / 23 November 2016 / Niamh Louise Marriott, Digital Content Producer

The two studies, FLAIR and ATLAS, will examine the safety and efficacy of monthly dosing with the two-drug, injectable regimen in both treatment-naïve…

FDA approves Roche’s blood screening assay for donor screening

Industry news / 24 October 2016 / Niamh Louise Marriott, Digital Content Producer

The cobas MPX assay enables donor screening laboratories to apply the most advanced PCR-based diagnostic technology to the surveillance of donated blood…

Global dual-drug trial aims to advance HIV treatment

Industry news / 16 August 2016 / ViiV Healthcare

ViiV Healthcare is undertaking two identical studies as part of a global phase III programme comparing a two-drug regimen of dolutegravir plus lamivudine, with a three-drug regimen of dolutegravir (Tivicay), plus the fixed-dose tablet tenofovir/emtricitabine (Truvada), to support regulatory filings as a treatment for HIV, for adults who have had no prior antiretroviral therapy…

Triumeq demonstrates superior efficacy for treating women with HIV

Industry news / 19 July 2016 / Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Triumeq demonstrated superior efficacy compared with ATV/r plus TDF/FTC in 495 treatment-naïve women living with HIV…

EC grants marketing authorisation to Odefsey in HIV

Industry news / 23 June 2016 / Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

The EC has granted marketing authorisation for Gilead’s once-daily single tablet regimen Odefsey for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in certain patients…

3BNC117 opens door to potential new treatment for HIV

Industry news / 9 May 2016 / Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Researchers are developing a new kind of treatment, an antibody-based drug called 3BNC117, that may provide a better strategy for long-term control of HIV…

From HIV to oncology: widening access through flexible IP

Blog, Z Homepage promo / 28 April 2016 / Jon Pender, VP Government Affairs, GSK

Jon Pender, GSK, discusses how a flexible and thoughtful approach to IP can help get medicines to the poorest and hardest-to-reach patients around the world…

EC grants marketing authorisation for two doses of Gilead’s Descovy

Industry news / 25 April 2016 / Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Descovy is the first new HIV backbone approved in Europe in more than a decade and represents an important advance in addressing the needs of patients…

Combined HIV and hepatitis C virus vaccination a step closer

Industry news / 13 April 2016 / Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

A study has shown that the ‘prime boost’ approach is compatible with co-administration of vectors encoding for HIV and HCV antigens…