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2009: A landmark year for stem cells

Industry Focus 2010, Past issues / 22 February 2010 /

It would be fair to say that these past 12 months have been a watershed year for stem cell science. In years to come we may look back on 2009 and recognise it as the year in which nascent areas of science, medicine and technology came together to slowly nudge stem cell biology into the mainstream. Scientific and academic progress aside, it also may mark the year in which the field first matured to a stage at which commercial viability came to the cusp of realisation.

Stem Cells Roundtable

Issue 2 2009, Past issues / 20 March 2009 /

1. What do you feel are the current changing attitudes to Stem Cell Research?

Paul Andrews: First of all are we talking throughout this roundtable about human stem cells? Are we differentiating between human embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells, or patient-derived induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells? The differences in attitude and responses could be completely different. In addition: what do we mean by research: research aimed at therapy; for drug testing that might reduce reliance on animal models and lead to better drug safety; or basic cell biology research?


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