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Pharma whitepapers & application notes

Bruker app note September 2015

Application note: High-throughput Screening of Deubiquitylase enzyme (DUB) activity/specificity and inhibitor screening by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry

Author: Bruker Daltonik

In biopharmaceutical laboratories, there is a growing need for high-throughput, yet sensitive methodologies to characterize deubiquitylase enzymes (DUBs) and DUB inhibitors...

Kaiser whitepaper September 2015

Whitepaper: Current trends in Raman Spectroscopy for Upstream Bioprocess Monitoring and Control

Author: Kaiser Optical Systems Inc

This application note covers some new trends in bioprocess monitoring and control focusing on the increasing use of Kaiser Optical Systems Raman spectrometers as multi-measurement bioprocess sensors to enable quality by design, process optimization, process control and continuous processing...

Product Hub: Perceptive Engineering

Case Study: Perceptive Engineering

Author: Perceptive Engineering

Perceptive Engineering discusses a two year collaborative R&D project it undertook to address challenges associated with the new generation of reactor systems used in production...

Kaiser whitepaper

Whitepaper: Analysis of a Mammalian cell culture

Author: Kaiser Optical Systems,

In this free whitepaper we discuss real-time, in situ bioprocess understanding in accordance with the PAT initiative and comparison of Raman and NIR spectra of cell culture components...

Rigaku app note

Application note: Aseptic identification of polysorbates using handheld Raman

Author: Rigaku

Polysorbates are used in a variety of industries including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals – specifically in the manufacturing of parenteral medication and cell culture growth...

App Note Drug product identification using Handheld Raman

App Note: Drug product identification using Handheld Raman

Author: Rigaku

This Application Note from Rigaku discusses the use of Handheld Raman spectroscopy for raw material and excipient identification within the pharmaceutical industry...

App Note IDBS Screening

App Note: ActivityBase for results management in screening

Author: IDBS

The secure and robust management of intrinsically complex cell-based screening data is paramount to ensure confidence in results and subsequent decision-making. Read how ActivityBase can be used for effective results management in screening...

App Note CAMO PAT Success

App Note: PAT success

Author: CAMO Software

Read how CAMO Software is working in the PAT (Process Analytical Technology) space to offer customers market leading software solutions for PAT applications...

App Note - GE Healthcare

App Note: Evolving promising leads

Author: GE Healthcare

The precision of data from surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based analyses, and the confidence with which results can be interpreted, is strongly coupled to the sensitivity of the SPR sensor. Biacore™ T200 system from GE Healthcare offers excellent sensitivity that enables detection of the lowest molecular-weight interactions and accurate measurements at very low concentrations. The system allows generation of high-quality data even when working with unstable and sensitive molecules such as membrane proteins...

How does the analysis of biomolecules benefit from UHPLC?

App Note: How does the analysis of biomolecules benefit from UHPLC?

Author: Evert-Jan Sneekes, Remco Swart and Mauro De Pra - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germering, Germany

Ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) provides improved separation speed, throughput, and sensitivity by employing stationary phase particles of around 2μm or smaller. UHPLC has found widespread use in the analysis of small molecules in pharmaceutical, food, and environmental areas. Are these analytical benefits also applicable to the separation of larger molecules, such as proteins and peptides? Biomolecules have, apart from their size, other differences to small molecules (e.g. charges, complex structures) that make the application of UHPLC less straightforward. This article discusses the rationale of using UHPLC in life sciences and demonstrate where the potential is. It also discusses the requirements needed for a true bio UHPLC system and shows examples of relevant biomolecule separations...

App Note Genedata - Analysis of Compound Combination Experiments

App Note: Analysis of Compound Combination Experiments

Author: Genedata

With recent improvements in automation and liquid handling, compound combination experiments can be executed at higher throughput than ever before. However, software tools have not kept up with this increase and often still require either a manual, percombination workflow or cover just the synergy calculation without the necessary pre-processing steps. In this application note we describe how compound combination experiments should ideally be analysed...

App Note: Ocean Optics - Raman Analysis of Pharmaceutical Ingredients

App Note: Raman Analysis of Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Author: Ocean Optics

A range of options is available for Raman analysis, including systems suitable for handheld, laboratory and educational applications. Systems typically include a spectrometer, laser, operating software and sampling accessories, while modular options are available for users to configure their own Raman systems. Setups are available for various wavelength ranges and resolution requirements...