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Pharma whitepapers & application notes

Whitepaper: Enhanced Raman reflection spectroscopy for process analytical technology

Whitepaper: Enhanced Raman reflection spectroscopy for process analytical technology

Author: Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc

This note describes the use of enhanced Raman reflection spectroscopy to accomplish analysis on multi-layered samples similar to many pharmaceutical tablets...

MALDI High-Throughput Screening beyond 100,000 Samples per Day in Drug Discovery

Poster note: MALDI high-throughput screening beyond 100,000 samples per day in drug discovery

Author: Bruker and Novartis

This work focuses on the improvement of MALDI-TOF automation parameters to further increase sample analysis speed in HTS assays to more than 100,000 samples per day...

Application note: Raman monitoring of active coating composition

Application note: Raman monitoring of active coating composition

Author: Kaiser Optical Systems

This application note demonstrates the suitability of Raman spectroscopy using Kaiser’s unique noncontact large-spot PhAT technology to monitor of active coating composition...

eBook: Serialisation – Where to begin

eBook: Pharma Serialisation – Where to Begin

Author: TraceLink

By the end of 2018, 75% of the world’s prescription medications will be protected by legislation - this eBook explains the basic fundamentals of pharma serialisation...

Mirus Bio: Development and Optimization of CHOgro® Transient Expression Technologies for High Titer Antibody Production in Suspension CHO Cells

Whitepaper: Development and optimization of CHOgro® transient expression technologies for high titer antibody production in suspension CHO cells

Author: Mirus Bio

During early stage drug development, quickly obtaining relevant candidate proteins through transient transfection can accelerate drug discovery...

Multiplexed Cancer Immune Response Analysis nCounter® PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel for Gene Expression

Whitepaper: Multiplexed cancer immune response analysis nCounter® PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel for gene expression

Author: nanoString

The ability of mutated cells to give rise to pathological cancer relies upon the capability of these cells to evade immune recognition, suppress immune activity, and persist in a chronically inflamed environment. Tremendous growth in the understanding of these complex processes is beginning to generate breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer, and “Cancer Immunotherapy” was recently named the “Breakthrough of the Year” by Science in 2013...

Bruker app note September 2015

Application note: High-throughput Screening of Deubiquitylase enzyme (DUB) activity/specificity and inhibitor screening by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry

Author: Bruker Daltonik

In biopharmaceutical laboratories, there is a growing need for high-throughput, yet sensitive methodologies to characterize deubiquitylase enzymes (DUBs) and DUB inhibitors...

Kaiser whitepaper September 2015

Whitepaper: Current trends in Raman Spectroscopy for Upstream Bioprocess Monitoring and Control

Author: Kaiser Optical Systems Inc

This application note covers some new trends in bioprocess monitoring and control focusing on the increasing use of Kaiser Optical Systems Raman spectrometers as multi-measurement bioprocess sensors to enable quality by design, process optimization, process control and continuous processing...

Product Hub: Perceptive Engineering

Case Study: Perceptive Engineering

Author: Perceptive Engineering

Perceptive Engineering discusses a two year collaborative R&D project it undertook to address challenges associated with the new generation of reactor systems used in production...

Kaiser whitepaper

Whitepaper: Analysis of a Mammalian cell culture

Author: Kaiser Optical Systems,

In this free whitepaper we discuss real-time, in situ bioprocess understanding in accordance with the PAT initiative and comparison of Raman and NIR spectra of cell culture components...

Rigaku app note

Application note: Aseptic identification of polysorbates using handheld Raman

Author: Rigaku

Polysorbates are used in a variety of industries including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals – specifically in the manufacturing of parenteral medication and cell culture growth...

App Note Drug product identification using Handheld Raman

App Note: Drug product identification using Handheld Raman

Author: Rigaku

This Application Note from Rigaku discusses the use of Handheld Raman spectroscopy for raw material and excipient identification within the pharmaceutical industry...


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