Under the MICROSCOPE with Volker J. Frost, Chief Profit Center Spectroscopy, Metrohm AG

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Metrohm, a leading manufacturer of instruments for chemical analysis and FOSS, a leading supplier of dedicated analytical solutions to optimise quality and control, have entered into a strategic alliance strengthening the two companies’ leading positions in their respective key markets. In this strategic alliance, Metrohm will become the sole global distributor of FOSS NIR instruments for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and environmental sectors. FOSS will continue its strong R&D program within NIR technology and manufacturing for both companies. Under the deal, FOSS NIRSystems, Inc., based in Laurel, Maryland, USA, will become a division of Metrohm USA to be named Metrohm NIRSystems. The global NIR instrument business for the abovementioned sectors will continue to be run by the Metrohm NIRSystems division of Metrohm.

Volker Frost is the manager of Metrohm’s Profit Center of Spectroscopy. “It’s a busy time at Metrohm as we have recently entered into a strategic alliance with the well-known, established company FOSS and have taken over the NIRSystems business. I am responsible at Metrohm for integrating the NIR spectroscopy part of the business with the rest of Metrohm worldwide,” Frost explains. “While the official launch of our newest division, NIRSystems, was on 1 April 2013, PITTCON visitors were able to get a sneak peek and meet the NIR experts at the Metrohm booth in Philadelphia in March, where we also held a press conference. The strategic alliance formed between Metrohm and FOSS brings the newly created Metrohm NIRSystems into the global Metrohm family.”

“We want to extend the Metrohm product line, which is primarily titrators, chromatography and electrochemistry, with near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy methods because most of our existing customers are extending their activities in this direction,” Frost says. “We want to offer NIR spectroscopy solutions for the laboratory as well as for process control to help our customers control their production and quality in a much better, more efficient way. This is one of the main reasons why we have entered into this alliance. NIR solutions help shorten cycle times, allow faster product delivery and increase plant capacity while complying with strict regulatory guidelines.”

The strategic alliance between the two companies promises to be rewarding for the industry. “Family-owned FOSS NIRSystems has a worldwide base of users and is recognised as a company with excellent NIR application knowledge and customer support, particularly for the chemical and pharmaceutical markets,” Frost explains. “Metrohm now wants to extend this support even further and improve the field support in terms of application development and other NIR services. Our customers and existing FOSS customers can expect the highest level of support as they have been used to from other Metrohm product lines. One of the major benefits of this alliance is that we can offer a wide range of solutions that will fit the needs of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We now can offer complete solutions – we can supply the primary method that is used for the calibration of the secondary method, the NIR analyser. Lyophilised products are just one example. Karl Fischer titration is most often used to detect the moisture content of lyophilised products. Now we can also turn that into a routine analysis method using NIR spectroscopy. With this kind of product portfolio, I believe we can offer excellent solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical companies and provide a steady stream of new, innovative NIR products for our customers.”

Interested parties can visit the new website and they can also visit any of the Metrohm distribution centres for more information. Metrohm is currently present in 125 countries worldwide with 40 branch offices and 85 distribution partners.

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