Issue #1 2015 – Digital edition

Posted: 10 March 2015 |

In Issue #1 2015: Regulatory Insight, Biologics, NIR in-depth focus, Raman in-depth focus, PAT, Drug Delivery, Microbiology Series and much more…

European Pharmaceutical Review - Issue 1 2015
  • Regulatory Insight: Turkey – A rising star in the pharmaceutical industry
    Özge Atılgan Karakulak and Zeynep Koray (Gün + Partners)
  • Biologics: TandAbs – potent and well-manufacturable bi-specific antibodies
    Michael Weichel, Kristina Ellwanger, Ivica Fucek, Stefan H.J. Knackmuss, Erich Rajkovic, Uwe Reusch, Claudia Wall, and Eugene A. Zhukovsky (Affimed Therapeutics AG)
  • In-depth focus: NIR
    Featuring articles from Emil W. Ciurczak (Doramaxx Consulting), Manel Bautista Mercader (Kymos Pharma Services) and Jose Manuel Amigo Rubio (University of Copenhagen). Manel Bautista Mercader also moderates a NIR Roundtable…
  • In-depth focus: Raman
    Featuring articles from Anna Łuczak (Bristol-Myers Squibb), Zafar Iqbal (New Jersey Institute of Technology) and Nikolaos Scoutaris (University of Greenwich). A Roundtable on Raman is moderated by Emil W. Ciurczak (Doramaxx Consulting)…
  • PAT: Continued process verification – a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry?
    Michael Rommerskirchen (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Drug Delivery Series: Evaluating inhaler performance using idealised throats
    Andrew R. Martin and Warren H. Finlay (University of Alberta)
  • Microbiology Series: The role of water activity in the microbial stability of non-sterile drug products
    Tony Cundell (Consulting Microbiologist, Scarsdale)

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