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tec5USA is a leading designer and manufacturer of tailored inline process spectrometers (UV-VIS-NIR, LIBS and Raman) across a wide spectrum of major industries and contract manufacturer for photonics devices in the life sciences, medical devices and lab analyser instrumentation space.

Since 2001, industry giants such as 3M, BASF, Albemarle, Buckman, Pion and many others have trusted us with their R&D and manufacturing needs based on our sterling reputation as an internationally renowned and well-established spectroscopy partner.

tec5USA is the North American affiliate of tec5 AG, founded in 1993 and located in Germany, operating through subsidiaries and partners worldwide. We are a member of the international photonics group, Nynomic AG, and supported by a team of global scientists, developers and engineers dedicated to delivering unique solutions for our customers.

Our core product line of rapid inline spectroscopy solutions provides real-time measurements and accurate process verification resulting in superior cost-savings and yield maximisation, consistent quality and end-to-end supply chain optimisation.

Interested in meeting your supply, demand and sales objectives? How about increasing your production efficiency?  Significantly improve processes and reduce costs, stay within specs, avoid fines and recalls, minimise waste and rework, and save energy and raw materials with us. We provide world-class service, excellent quality and the technical expertise to back it up.

The latest addition to the tec5USA family, our contract manufacturing unit, originated from our deep expertise in photonics and relevant testing protocols in the medical devices arena. As an OEM partner, we specialise in unique technological designs and solutions, supply-chain integrated, high quality control, state-of-the-art CMO operations for photonics-related devices. Free up your facility and strategically focus resource allocation on your core IP by letting us handle production.

Ready to improve processes, save time and reduce costs? At tec5USA, we are the company behind your brand. We bring our expertise, so you can focus on yours.

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