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Special Purpose Pharmaceutical Powder Dosing, Packaging Machines and Automation

Molins Technologies is a leading provider of special purpose machinery, technical consultancy and service solutions for processing and packaging challenges. We deliver innovative solutions to meet your exact requirements. Typically, our customers have a new product to introduce to market or an existing product that needs revitalising.

We design, build and develop pharmaceutical packaging machines and automated equipment for a range of applications. Our expertise lies in the ability to define, design and develop the right technology to meet a customer’s individual needs.

We have extensive experience in handling, filling and packaging of pharmaceutical powders, liquids and tablets across a range of products such as blisters, inhalers and diagnostic devices.

Technology expertise includes:

  • Filling technologies (volumetric, gravimetric, compaction, drum, dosator)
  • High-speed powder dosing and blister forming
  • Advanced web handling, tension control and tracking systems
  • Complex web forming, filling and sealing
  • Precision lamination, cutting, welding, gluing
  • Printing
  • Vision inspection
  • Check weighing

Molins Technologies provides development support for new drug delivery platforms and we deliver solutions worldwide across the entire product lifecycle from clinical trials to mass-production and next generation equipment.

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In addition to our special purpose equipment, Molins Technologies offers pre-designed equipment that capitalises on our expertise in powder micro-dosing for the inhalation market.


µ-fill is a powder micro-dosing module for the accurate filling of blisters for dry powder inhaler devices. This module integrates with Molins Technologies blister forming and sealing equipment for precision filling at a range of dose weights from 5 to 20 mg and speeds suitable for lab-scale, early stage clinical development through to full scale production.


µ-check is a checkweighing system that independently provides at-line confirmation of dose weight accuracy. The system measures individual doses of powder taken from sealed blisters in strip or disk format. Reliable, controlled and repeatable, µ-check is an invaluable aid to support filling lines during dosing system development, clinical trials and production.

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