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Multicore Dynamics Ltd specialise in bioinformatics and the development of high performance computing solutions.

In today’s era of medical research generating vast amounts of data, there is an ever increasing strain imposed on the underlying technologies used to store and process this information.

We design and develop systems incorporating highly parallel architecture together with advanced database technologies to support ultra-rapid processing and in-depth analysis via machine learning and persistent homology methods. Our goal is to provide Science with a platform that will push the boundaries and accelerate the path leading to new discoveries.

Introducing ‘Arion 4 Omics’

The Arion platform unites advanced hardware technologies with class leading software to rapidly process and analyse data originating from clinical trials.

Powerful back-end database technologies manage the high transaction processing of large, complex datasets in parallel. A modular approach in the core design allows for increased performance to be added on demand, together with additional functionality.

Novel or predefined algorithms have been benchmarked to ascertain their level of performance and versatility at providing maximum insight into the acquired data. Utilisation of the latest high-end CPU and GPU technologies provide supercomputing power in a class leading mini form, enabling fast deployment with minimal stress imposed on a client’s existing IT infrastructure.

Amongst its many attributes, ‘Arion 4 Omics’ will –

  • Speed up the pre-processing of data originating from Mass Spectrometer
  • Expand the usability of the data and provide methods for discovering new bio-markers
  • Allow the integration and interrogation of data from multiple Omics projects and platforms
  • Provide universal input and output data formats
  • Offer a no compromise approach to systems reliability regardless of the amount or size of the data
  • Offer unrivalled processing power for the price
  • Provide an intuitive user experience