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Kolb is a supplier of excipients. We offer excipients tested according to European pharmacopeia. Since 2017, Kolb is certified according to GMP Swissmedic and is able to supply Hedisan-80 (Polysorbate-80) as GMP Swissmedic grade to meet highest requirements. Besides of suppling the pharmaceutical market with Excipients, Kolb is a proven partner for customers to develop tailor-made molecules which suit perfectly the application the customer is looking for.

The Kolb Group is a successful manufacturer of nonionic surfactants, paper process chemicals, and chemical intermediates employing 480 people. Its head office is in Hedingen, Switzerland. In 2007, Kolb was bought by the Malaysian multinational KLK (Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad). KLK’s core business is the production of palm oil and derivatives, such as fatty acids and fatty alcohols – raw materials used by Kolb in its products. As Kolb has a broad production set-up from small reactors up to big industrial reactors, we are able to produce for you the batch size which you need for your application. In our portfolio, you can find the following products:

In our portfolio, you can find the following products:

  • Sorbitanesters
  • Polysorbates
  • Poloxamers
  • Macrogols (PEG’s)
  • Macrogolglycerols (various) Macrogol Esters