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The Netherlands

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Technobis Crystallization Systems is a world leading technology provider for solid-state research, process development and formulation. Our mission is to help research succeed!

Since 2005, platforms for accelerating crystallisation research have been successfully developed and installed in nearly every pharmaceutical research lab in the world. With more than 500 units in the field, a large community of scientists have been enabled to make a significant contribution to the accelerated development of new pharmaceuticals. In the last few years, new applications have been developed in agrochemical, fine chemical, military and (bio) fuel research, food and personal care creating new markets focused on understanding the importance of crystallisation research.

Our workflow consists:

The CrystalBreeder is the first crystalliser dedicated for both development and discovery, carrying out complete crystallisation screens with as little as 1mg of sample.

The Crystal16® parallel crystalliser is a multiple reactor station providing a screening solution for solubility determination, solid-state research and process development: medium-throughput crystallisation studies at a 1ml scale.

With 8 independently controlled reactors and additional analytical capabilities, the Crystalline is a unique modular product line at a working volume of 5 ml for solid-state research, process development and formulation research.

Applications & Methods