BioPharma Congress 2017

Date: 16 November 2017 - 17 November 2017



Website: biopharmaceutics.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/europe/

Email: [email protected]

Biopharmaceuticals Conference Series Conference Series has been instrumental in conducting international Biopharmaceuticals meetings for several years, and very excited to expand Europe, America and Asia Pacific continents. Previous meetings were held in major cities like San Francisco, Baltimore, with success the meetings again scheduled in continents. Euro Biopharma Congress, November 16-17, 2017; Vienna, Austria, Europe.

The opportunity in biopharmaceuticals is big and growing too rapidly to ignore. Today, biopharmaceuticals generate global revenues of $163 billion, making up about 20%of the pharma market. It’s by far the fastest-growing part of the industry: biopharma’s current annual growth rate of more than 8% is double that of conventional pharma, and growth is expected to continue at that rate for the foreseeable future.

The world of Big Pharma is not only growing, it’s standing on its head. Worldwide spending for prescription branded drugs and generic medicines will jump 30% from 2013-2018 at compound annual growth rate of over 5% leading to a jaw-dropping $1.3 trillion in annual global drug sales. The market is also radically shifting position, with traditional strongholds, such as Japan and Europe, flipping over, and emerging markets, such as China, becoming the head “Major proponents of business- or image-based definitions refuse to recognize biopharmaceuticals as a subset of pharmaceuticals, preferring to lump together and use the term to apply to all pharmaceuticals, associated R&D, companies and industry” says Ronald A Rader from nature biotechnology, Nature Publishing Group Everyone interested in the future of emerging – omics healthcare techniques majorly in Biotechnology is encouraged to attend. Connect with our social network pages to get regular industry updates.

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