Syrris chemical reactors – good under pressure

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Syrris, offers a range of reactors designed specifically for applications requiring elevated pressures…

Syrris, a world leader in laboratory scale chemistry systems, offers a range of reactors designed specifically for applications requiring elevated pressures, such as hydrogenations or polymerizations. The Syrris pressure reactor range includes the fully automated, modular Atlas Sodium and Atlas Potassium systems and the Globe jacketed reactor platform, as well as custom reactor systems to meet your exact requirements.

All Syrris pressure reactor systems are available with the Company’s advanced Pressure Control Modules. For Atlas Potassium and Globe jacketed reactors, a 3 bar Gas Pressure Control Module offers automated control of gas pressure within the reactor from the front panel or via a PC. Functions include setting minimum and maximum pressures, as well as venting and purging the system. For higher pressure applications, a 200 bar Gas Pressure Control Module (100 bar with H2) – available for the Atlas Sodium – offers an extended pressure range for volumes up to 450 ml, while maintaining the user-friendly functionality of the 3 bar module.

For even greater flexibility, Syrris offers a Gas Selection Module that allows up to three gases to be permanently connected to the system. This can be controlled from either the twist and click controls on the front of the module or remotely via the Atlas or Reactor Master software packages, allowing any available gas to be supplied to the reactor without reconfiguring your hardware. Each gas has 316L stainless steel valves and an independent flow regulator rated to 200 bar (100 bar for H2), ensuring Syrris can offer a versatile solution to meet your batch reactor needs, no matter what your budget.

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