PerkinElmer hosts Revolutionaries for Global Health Summit in Brussels

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Revolutionaries for Global Health Summit, 5 -6 March 2013, Brussels…



PerkinElmer’s Revolutionaries for Global Health Summits (RGHS) bring together leading researchers and clinicians to share insights on the latest research and approaches to accelerate the improvement of human health through better diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention. PerkinElmer continues to host the RGHS to provide a forum for discussing the challenges and benefits associated with the most cutting edge research developments in science and medicine.

The event features a multiple track scientific symposium that provides an opportunity for delegates to hear directly from researchers on how PerkinElmer technologies are helping them revolutionize medicine, healthcare and even global health policy. This engaging agenda includes prestigious keynote speakers such as Dutch clinical geneticist Dr. Marjolein Kriek, of Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) who became the first woman and European to have her complete DNA sequence determined. And cancer researcher, Professor Kevin Brindle from the University of Cambridge and Cancer Research Institute will discuss novel approaches for imaging tumor biology.

The second day comprises a series of workshops providing a more in-depth technical and application-based perspective into PerkinElmer technologies for life science research.

The event’s agenda can be found here. A registration form for this free event can be found here.


Life sciences researchers with an interest in genomics, next generation sequencing, in vivo imaging, targeted small molecule discovery, cellular and tissue imaging, biologics and proteomics, and informatics are invited to attend.

In 2012, thousands of scientists with diverse backgrounds, from researchers and clinical practitioners to policymakers from across the world participated in the Revolutionaries in Global Health Summits.


Crown Plaza – La Palace®
Rue Gineste 3, B-1210 Brussels, Belgium


Tuesday March 5 and Wednesday March 6, 2013

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