BMG LABTECH – the Microplate Reader Company – celebrates 25 successful years

Posted: 28 January 2015 |

Since its establishment in 1990, BMG LABTECH has become a world leader in microplate reading due to continuous development of innovative and unique technologies…

BMG labtech

Since its establishment in 1990, BMG LABTECH has become a world leader in microplate reading due to continuous development of innovative and unique technologies. A quarter of a century in the industry attests the precision, speed and reliability of BMG LABTECH’s products.

First BMG LABTECH microplate reader FLUOstar® (1993).

First BMG LABTECH microplate reader FLUOstar® (1993).

Starting as an engineering office in Offenburg, Germany BMG LABTECH has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microplate readers with subsidiaries in Australia, France, Japan, UK, and the USA. The introduction of the FLUOstar® microplate reader helped BMG LABTECH to its breakthrough and brought the company to the forefront of detection technology.  Since then, the company with its headquarters and production in Germany has developed a wide range of dedicated and multimode microplate readers for life science applications and high-throughput screening.

Over the years, BMG LABTECH has always been at the frontline of microplate reader technology, offering several innovative features such as fluorescence polarization, laser-based nephelometry, Simultaneous Dual Emission detection, and a high resolution ultra-fast UV/Vis spectrometer. With its latest device, the CLARIOstar® multimode microplate reader, the company offers unique and revolutionary LVF monochromators™ which provide filter-like performance and increased sensitivity over conventional monochromators. The LVF monochromators™, along with filters and a UV/ Vis spectrometer, can be used for a variety of applications in up to eight different detection modes. Thanks to its new Atmospheric Control Unit, the CLARIOstar® is now even able to provide the physiological environment for any cell type, enhancing cell-based microplate assays.

BMG LABTECH’s devices offer many types of bioanalytical measurement techniques including fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence, UV/Vis absorbance, AlphaScreen®, and nephelometry. All microplate readers are manufactured and tested at BMG LABTECH’s headquarters in Germany, which guarantees their precision, reliability, and robustness. BMG LABTECH continuously works with all of the leading reagent companies to handle the increasingly challenging requirements of popular microplate assays.

BMG LABTECH owes 25 years expertise in microplate reading technology not least to the long employment of high-skilled staff with the company. An open, team-oriented corporate culture, characterized by a strong relationship of trust and cooperative dealing in the company, ensures a low labor turnover rate and a high level of employee satisfaction. Today, BMG LABTECH has 55 employees at its headquarters in Germany. Another 50 employees offer a worldwide sales and support network with offices in Australia, France, Japan, UK and the United States.

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