BGMA response to Branded Medicines Consultation

Posted: 30 January 2015 |

Warwick Smith, Director General of the BGMA, has welcomed the DofH’s decision not to introduce an additional price cut for branded generic medicines…

In reply to the Government’s response to the results of the Consultation on Amendments to the Statutory Scheme to Control the Prices of Branded Health Service Medicines, Warwick Smith, Director General of the British Generic Manufacturers’ Association (BGMA), said: “We welcome the Government making such a detailed response and are heartened that the Department of Health will not introduce an additional price cut for branded generic medicines based on current information.

“They have stated that they will continue to observe developments in the statutory and voluntary schemes during 2015 as more PPRS data becomes available. We are still concerned that scope for reduction remains an option and that the response does not adequately reflect the importance and operation of the branded generic medicines market in the UK. Branded generic medicines frequently offer additional patient benefits delivered through incremental innovation undertaken by the generic medicines industry.

“They already offer a big reduction off the price of the originator brand even after patent expiry and any further price reduction threatens the sustainability of this market and therefore the supply of these important medicines to patients.”

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