Comark Instruments prevents high-volume, high-value inventory spoilage and significant revenue loss for VH Bio

Posted: 22 July 2015 |

VH Bio is a leading supplier and distributer for the Life Sciences industry within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland…

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VH Bio is a leading supplier and distributer for the Life Sciences industry within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Founded in 1992 and headquartered in North East England, VH Bio offers nearly 10,000 novel and innovative products sourced from global partners and is the preferred supplier for HLA Diagnostics, Molecular Biology, Immunology, and Cell Biology.

Its spacious warehouse and cold storage facilities promote prompt, efficient despatch. VH Bio is dedicated to consistently delivering quality products and services.

As a major supplier of highly sensitive products – like antibodies, enzymes, DNA isolation kits, cell lines, proteins, and more – to the National Health Service (NHS), VH Bio must comply with a number of stringent requirements that assure the safety, quality and integrity of its products, processes and procedures. It must also regularly undergo rigorous audits to ensure it remains compliant with the strict guidelines the NHS has set forth for its suppliers.

One such requirement is the implementation of a reliable, accurate monitoring protocol that ensures VH Bio’s highly valuable, clinically critical stock remains at proper temperatures at all times across the supply chain. A single deep freezer, for example, holds high-value product that can account for tens of thousands of pounds of revenue. A loss of power to that freezer would result in a major loss of inventory – and a major financial loss for the Company.

Continuous monitoring is of particular importance, because VH Bio typically operates Monday – Friday, with no on-site staff after regular business hours, during weekends, or holidays.

VH Bio installed Comark’s RF500A solution across a variety of temperature-critical points, including laboratories, refrigerators, freezers, deep freezers, cabinets, appliances, rooms and other areas.

RF500A automatically and continuously monitors both temperature and humidity readings. When the system identifies a predetermined change in those levels, it alerts key staff in real time via email, text message, or voice to computers, smart phones, and other mobile devices.
Comark’s RF500A solution exceeds NHS requirements, eliminates errors, and ensures complete records are maintained for regulatory agencies. Its robust, feature-rich software also enables instant access to data that takes new standards and regulations into account.

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