BioOutsource Bioanalysis experts attending major Biosimilar Conferences November 16-19

Posted: 12 November 2015 |

Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) BioOutsource today announced its expert technical staff will be speaking at and/or attending BIOLATAM, Biosimilars LATAM and Biosimilars and Biobetters conferences from November 16-19. This will provide developers of biosimilars with an excellent opportunity to discuss the optimum assay design for rapid and accurate biosimilar characterisation and comparison studies.

At BIOLATAM 2015 in Chile (, scientists will be able to hear bioanalysis expert, Dr Verna McErlane, Director of Business Development for Americas, at SSB BioOutsource presenting on Tuesday, November 17 from 3–4pm in the Salón El Canelo. In a session entitled, ‘Integrated solutions and services from research to production in bioprocess’ Dr McErlane will explain the types of bioanalytical testing available and how to select the right assays for characterising biological activity from discovery through the clinical phases of biologics development.

McErlane is presenting alongside, bioprocess specialist, Javier Lobo, Field Marketing Manager Latin America, Application Specialist Spain-Portugal, Fermentation Technologies at SSB Spain. Lobo will detail how bioanalytical testing is integrated with innovative upstream and downstream bioprocess development, making this a must-visit presentation at BIOLATAM for any scientists looking to ensure they have the latest information about the most rapid and cost-effective, strategies for developing their biosimilars.

Researchers that cannot attend the presentation can also connect with Dr McErlane and Javier Lobo, as well as other bioprocess experts on SSB booth #20.

Following BIOLATAM, Dr McErlane, will be attending Biosimilars LATAM 2015 in Brazil ( where she would welcome technical meetings and discussions with scientists requiring advice on the types of bioanalysis to utilise when developing biosimilars.

Also available for discussion about the range of assays for biosimilar characterisation and comparability is bioanalysis expert, Dr Catriona Thomson Associate Director of Bioanalytical Technical Services, at SSB BioOutsource. Dr Thomson is attending Biosimilars and Biobetters 2015 in the USA (, where she is happy to be contacted for one-one meetings.

Dr Verna McErlane at SSB BioOutsource commented: “Selecting the best analytical tools to use for biosimilar characterisation and comparability can be very daunting. This is being made more complicated as regulators are becoming increasingly demanding in respect to sensitivity and accuracy of assays to prove comparability between innovator and biosimilar drugs.”

McErlane continued: “I’m delighted that Catriona Thomson and I are going to be at these major biosimilar conferences in November as this allows us to meet scientists and explore the issues they have with their testing. We look forward to meeting them and to discussing which bioanalytical strategies they should consider adopting for optimising the timelines and costs of their biosimilar development.”

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