Sanofi Pasteur and MSD to end joint vaccines operations in Europe

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Upon concluding their joint venture, Sanofi Pasteur and MSD plan to integrate their respective European vaccine businesses into their operations…

Sanofi Pasteur and MSD have announced that they intent to end their joint vaccines operations in Europe.

Sanofi Pasteur and MSD

Upon concluding their joint venture, both companies plan to integrate their respective European vaccine businesses into their operations, independently manage their product portfolios and pursue their own distinct growth strategies in Europe.

The joint venture Sanofi Pasteur MSD was created in 1994 to develop and commercialise vaccines originating from both companies’ pipelines to improve and promote public health in 19 European countries. Over the past twenty years, Sanofi Pasteur MSD has launched numerous innovative vaccines originating from Sanofi Pasteur and MSD’s development pipelines, addressing key unmet medical needs and helping to protect millions of lives.

Sanofi Pasteur MSD achieved ‘considerable success’

Sanofi Pasteur and MSD jointly issued the following joint statement: “We are proud of Sanofi Pasteur MSD’s successful 20-year history. Our joint venture has achieved considerable success over the past two decades from a public health and commercial perspective. After carefully considering our individual strategic priorities, alongside the economic and regulatory environments for vaccine operations in the European Union, we have mutually agreed that it is in our best interests to manage our vaccine product portfolios independently. We believe that focusing our efforts on opportunities unique to our respective companies will better position us to drive growth, execute in a more efficient manner and optimize vaccine coverage. By bringing vaccines more rapidly to market, both companies would deliver greater value to all stakeholders.”

Sanofi Pasteur and MSD have said they will ensure that any impact on employees as a result of the proposed changes to the business model will be managed responsibly. The companies said they are focused on a smooth and orderly transition.

Sanofi Pasteur and MSD expect the project to be completed by the end of 2016, subject to local labour laws and regulations and regulatory approvals.

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