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Montreal Proteomics Network



Future trends for proteomics

10 January 2009 | By

The awarding of the Nobel Prize in chemistry to Fenn, Tanaka, and Wüthrich for their work on methods for the identification and structural characterisation of biomolecules has heralded the increasing importance of proteomics in biomedical and fundamental research. Today, vendors offer a variety of mass spectrometric instruments to provide a…


A network of innovation from Canada

7 March 2005 | By Dr Daniel Boismenu, Team Leader, Mass Spectrometry Unit, Montreal Proteomics Network

The Réseau Protéomique de Montréal Proteomic Network (RPMPN) was created in the year 2000 through funding from Genome Canada, Genome Québec and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. For the past five years, the RPMPN has been involved in the Cell Map Project, which involves cell biologists from the Université de…