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Microbiology / Microbiologists – Where next?

23 January 2008 | By Stewart Green Director of Quality, Wyeth, UK and Chair, Pharmig

Arguably microbiology is the oldest of the applied sciences, although early exponents doubtless had no understanding of how the fruits of their labour in fermentation for example, came about. The true forerunners of microbiology as it is recognised today would be Koch, Pasteur, Petri et al, who developed much of…


Wyeth forges ahead

28 September 2006 | By Graham Cook Ph.D., Director Technology and External Supply, EMEA, Wyeth

Is the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment of today becoming more challenging? There is increasing pressure to control or reduce costs because of the limitations on healthcare budgets. Asset utilisation, operating efficiencies and cycle times in the pharmaceutical industry generally compare unfavourably with other high technology industries. Despite the resources invested in…