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Pharma industry news

Nektar’s opioid analgesic meets endpoints in Phase 3 Study of chronic pain

28 March 2017

Nektar Therapeutics announced positive results from the SUMMIT-07 Phase 3 efficacy study of NKTR-181, an opioid analgesic...

EPSRC commits £15 million for formulation manufacturing research

27 March 2017

New research projects that aim to improve the complex formulation processes used to manufacture products such as pharmaceuticals are to receive funding...

Karolinska Development company enrols first patient Phase Ib/IIa hepatic encephalopathy trial

27 March 2017

Umecrine Cognition AB announced the inclusion of the first patient in a clinical Phase Ib/IIa study of GR3027, to treat Hepatic Encephalopathy...

NICE asks BMS for more data before approving cancer drug

24 March 2017

NICE has asked Bristol Myers Squibb, who manufacture nivolumab (Opdivo), to provide more information on its effectiveness for treating Hodgkin lymphoma...


Akcea and Ionis’ familial chylomicronaemia syndrome study a success

23 March 2017

Akcea Therapeutics' pivotal Phase 3 study of volanesorsen reduced triglyceride levels in patients with familial chylomicronaemia syndrome...

New formulation of FDA-approved drug may help treat Niemann-Pick Type C disease

23 March 2017

New research from the University of Notre Dame may lead to a therapy for NPC, using an existing FDA-approved drug in a novel approach to treatment...

Injectable drug delivery market worth US$624.50 billion by 2021

23 March 2017

According to a new report, the global injectable drug delivery market is projected to reach US$624.50 Billion by 2021 from US$362.38 billion in 2016...

High efficacy & 0 adverse effects in hemp oil study to treat epileptic children

22 March 2017

HempMeds Mexico has revealed the positive results of a recent cannabis study conducted on the effects of the Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X...

Success for Renown’s Phase I study to treat “OFF” episodes in Parkinson’s patients

22 March 2017

The study intended to compare the plasma concentrations of sub-lingual apomorphine spray against the currently approved formulation...

NICE recommends liver disease drug

21 March 2017

NICE has published draft guidance which recommends Ocaliva, also known as obeticholic acid, for people with the chronic liver disease...

Fixed dose combination of drugs versus single-drug formulations to treat tuberculosis

20 March 2017

A research team reviewed the efficacy, safety, and adherence to fixed-dose combinations (FDCs) of drugs versus single-drug formulations...

Re-formulation of microbicidal lubricants will help protect from HIV

20 March 2017

Research published by BioMed Central’s open access journal AIDS Research and Therapy has investigated the use of lubricants...


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