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severe asthma

New medicine shows potential to reduce oral steroid use in severe asthma patients

26 May 2017

A trial led by a McMaster University respirology professor shows promising results for a new medicine for severe asthma patients.

Abeona Therapeutics receives FDA orphan designation for gene therapy

26 May 2017

The FDA has granted Orphan Drug Designation for Abeona Therapeutics’s EB-101 gene therapy program for patients with dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa...

Jellagen launches jellyfish collagen manufacturing facility

25 May 2017

A pioneering medical technology firm has launched a unique manufacturing facility to extract collagen from jellyfish.

Brilique (ticagrelor) new formulation gains European approval

25 May 2017

The European Commission has granted marketing authorisation for AstraZeneca’s Brilique (ticagrelor) orodispersible tablets (ODT) as a new formulation...

Motor neurone disease onset delayed by AI-discovered drug

25 May 2017

The study assessed the efficacy of a drug candidate proposed by BenevolentAI’s artificial Intelligence technology for Motor Neuron Disease (MND)...

AstraZeneca announces collaborations to use CRISPR technology for genome editing across its drug discovery platform

FDA approves first cancer treatment for any solid tumor with a specific biomarker

24 May 2017

The US Food and Drug Administration granted accelerated approval to a treatment for patients whose cancers have a specific genetic feature (biomarker)...


AstraZeneca enters agreement with Recordati for Seloken in Europe

24 May 2017

AstraZeneca has entered into an agreement with Recordati for the commercial rights to Seloken/Seloken ZOK treatments in Europe...

Tablet helps heart failure patients manage drug dosages

24 May 2017

A novel tablet is helping heart failure patients to manage their disease including drug dosages, according to new research...

Better, cheaper healthcare with dry blood samples

24 May 2017

In a new study, Uppsala University researchers have successfully measured 92 different proteins in millimetre-sized circles punched out of dried samples...

FDA approves Merck’s bladder cancer drug

24 May 2017

The FDA has approved two new indications for Merck’s Keytruda (pembrolizumab), the company’s anti-PD-1 therapy, for bladder cancer...

Zika Virus assay for screening blood donations

23 May 2017

Grifols now provides European countries accepting products with the CE marking with a test to detect the presence of the Zika virus in donated blood.

Patent library will be founded in Lithuania

23 May 2017

The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania (SPB) and Kaunas University of Technology National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (KTU NIEC) has signed the collaboration agreement, which laid foundation for the new Patent Library – PATLIB Centre. This will be the first time, when a PATLIB Centre is established at a university. “Founding of […]


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