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Aubagio® Significantly Reduced Risk of New Clinical Relapse or MRI Lesion in Multiple Sclerosis Study

Industry news / 3 October 2013 / Sanofi

Data presented at ECTRIMS highlight potential of early intervention with Aubagio to delay second clinical attack and reduce MRI lesion burden…

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Once-daily AUBAGIO® delayed onset of clinically definite multiple sclerosis (MS) in TOPIC study

Industry news, News / 25 April 2013 / Sanofi

Genzyme announced positive top-line results from the TOPIC trial for AUBAGIO…

Gene to drugs: can expression be the key to new discoveries?

Genomics, Issue 1 2013 / 25 February 2013 / Esther P. Black, College of Pharmacy and Markey Cancer Center, University of Kentucky

Cancer treatment faces a conundrum: a growing lack of therapeutics with lasting effects. The low hanging fruit of the medicinal chemistry orchard seems to have been picked, and modification of existing anti-cancer therapeutics has produced only incremental rewards[1]. Thus, both pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers are left searching for new strategies that will yield novel, long-lasting therapies and methods to rationally utilise existing therapies, alone and in combination, to individualise treatment regimens. The search for novel anti-cancer therapeutics or novel uses for existing drugs can benefit from the maturity of pharmacogenomics to extract genomic information for identification of new targets and therapeutic strategies.

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FDA approves Genzyme’s AUBAGIO®

Industry news, News / 12 September 2012 / Sanofi

AUBAGIO® (teriflunomide), a once-daily, oral treatment for relapsing Multiple Sclerosis…


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