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Joint article on hydrogen peroxide efficacy published in Letters in Applied Microbiology

Supplier news / 23 September 2016 / Wickham Laboratories Limited

Wickham Laboratories Ltd is pleased to announce the publication of a joint study with Bioquell on the efficacy of disinfection by hydrogen peroxide…


Bioquell publishes norovirus information tools

Industry news / 4 December 2014 / Bioquell

Norovirus season is upon us and Bioquell has issued tools to help combat the spread…

Bioquell wound treatment system, BioxyQuell

Bioquell publishes case studies on the efficacy of its wound treatment solution

Industry news / 24 November 2014 / Bioquell

The Bioquell wound treatment system, BioxyQuell, has been tested at a wound care clinic in Hampshire with patients suffering from long term chronic venous leg ulceration. The results, presented in two case studies, show how aqueous oxygen peroxide (AOP) applied using the BioxyQuell system reduced odours and pain as well as improved wound healing…


Bioquell Pod study presented at the HIS Conference 2014

Industry news / 18 November 2014 / Bioquell

Reducing infection transmission risk on a paediatric high dependency unit was just one of the topics under discussion at Lyon, France on the first day of the Healthcare Infection Society Conference 2014…

Pharmaceutical heads meet as manufacturing safety raises concern

Industry news / 18 October 2010 / Emma Naylor, NG Online News

Pharmaceutical heads met last week as a result of a drugs recall after an ingrediant mix up in breast cancer pill Anastrozole.


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