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Charles River Laboratories - Articles and news items

Digital issue #2 in-depth focus microbiology

Microbiology In-Depth Focus 2017

Issue 2 2017, Supplements, Z Homepage promo / 13 April 2017 / European Pharmaceutical Review

In this In-Depth Focus: Endotoxin masking hold-time study performance parameters; Microbiological monitoring pharmaceutical water systems; The rush to rapid microbiological methods – or not; and an expert view with Charles River Laboratories…

Whitepaper: Possible Mechanism of Low Endotoxin Recovery

Whitepapers / 26 October 2016 / Charles River Laboratories

Since the risks of LER relate to the reversible biological activity change of endotoxin, it is worth reviewing previous papers on the aggregation of purified lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and its biological activity. The purpose of this article is to discuss the potency change of endotoxin in the LER by reviewing previous studies…