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Personalised medicine: are we ready for the revolution?

Issue 2 2008, Past issues / 19 March 2008 /

The impact of biomarker technology and biomarker strategies in pharmaceutical development is still in its infancy; but the impact is already proving significant. Biomarker strategy forms the basis for personalised medicine, the industry/regulatory focus centres on improving the success rate and reducing the high attrition rate often encountered in early phases of clinical research. The depth and breadth of knowledge required to successfully implement biomarkers into drug development is generating company collaborations and inclusion of professionals that have not traditionally been part of drug product development.

Biomarkers in neurodegenerative diseases

Issue 2 2007, Past issues / 27 March 2007 / Claudio Carini, MD,PhD,FRCPath, F. VP of Translational Medicine, MDS Pharma

Biomarkers are useful characteristics to evaluate disease progress and targets of therapeutic agents. They are objectively measured and obtained by non-invasive procedures collecting readily accessible matrixes (Blood, CSF). Biomarkers should be easy to detect, specific and reproducible. Most importantly when detected early in the course of a disease they should be effective in predicating long term clinical response.


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