Basics of calibration and adjustment in Thermal Analysis – Useful tips and hints


Thermal analysis instruments must always be accurate, true and precise in order to deliver reproducible results within a given range. Performing a calibration determines whether your module is delivering correctly measured values or whether it needs an adjustment. The different parameters that must be calibrated are temperature, heat flow, mass, length and modulus. In this Webinar, we discuss the basics of calibration and adjustment in thermal analysis whilst offering some useful tips and hints.

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Calibration_Autor_Fedelich_Nicolas_500pxNicolas Fedelich, Thermal Analysis Senior Applications Specialist, Mettler Toledo

Nicolas Fedelich is an application specialist for thermal analysis at Mettler Toledo. With a background of chemical engineering in France, he worked in different laboratories to implement, develop and validate analytical methods in the pharmaceutical and environmental fields. Before joining Mettler-Toledo, Nicolas Fedelich worked for three years as field support for on-site training and to ensure customers satisfaction by advising them on their applications.

In 2009 he joined Mettler-Toledo AG and has worked there since as application specialist for Thermal Analysis. In his present position he uses, teaches and supports DSC, TGA, TMA and DMA instruments.

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