ACG ACPL becomes first Asian company to receive EXCiPACT certification

24 August 2016  •  Author: ACG Worldwide

ACG Worldwide is pleased to announce that ACG Associated Capsules Pvt. Ltd. (ACG ACPL) has received EXCiPACT certification for its plant at Dahanu – Maharashtra, India. 


ACG ACPL is the first empty hard capsule manufacturing company in Asia to receive EXCiPACT certification. The certificate provides independent validation that ACG ACPL maintains excipient Good Manufacturing Practices and complies with current European Union regulation and US FDA regulation.

“We give paramount importance to maintain the highest quality whilst adhering to necessary compliance at ACG ACPL. This has been the key driver for helping us achieve market leadership and create a long term relation with our global customers,” said Mr. Quateel Ahmed, CMO, ACG Worldwide. “ACG ACPL endeavors to maintain company’s quality and compliance policies that surpass the current regulatory norms. We are delighted to become the first empty hard capsule manufacturing company in Asia to receive the prominent EXCiPACT certification,” he further added.

Large pharmaceutical companies use thousands of excipients while manufacturing formulations. However, it is practically impossible to conduct all audits by themselves. To resolve this issue, EXCiPACT was created by IPEC Europe, IPEC Americas, FECC, EFCG and PQG as a rigorous, independent, third-party audit system to respond to regulatory requirements and reduce the audit burden of pharmaceutical companies as well as audit authorities.

EXCiPACT thus helps ensure patient safety through supplier quality, while minimising the overall supply chain costs. The user i.e. pharmaceutical industry can take this standardized audit report as a valid reference for their regulatory compliance without having to do the audit by themselves or by appointing other agency.


EXCiPACT is an independent not-for-profit association that provides management oversight for independent, third-party certification of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of pharmaceutical excipients worldwide. EXCiPACT selects independent, third-party accredited certification bodies, employing ISO 9001 qualified auditors who also have to meet EXCiPACT auditor competency requirements.

 About ACG Worldwide

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