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World leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics, bioMérieux has been providing diagnostic solutions for 50 years, and is now operating in more than  150 countries through 41 subsidiaries and a large network of distributors.

Company Overview:

Developing and Producing the largest range of microbial control solutions (reagents, instruments, software and services),  bioMérieux Industry provides answers from sample preparation to final identification and typing of microorganisms. bioMérieux industry serves with its dedicated teams four main customer types:

  • Food /Water
  • BioPharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic / Personal Care
  • Veterinarian

bioMérieux Industry’ s mission is to help ensuring  consumer, patient and animal health through innovative microbiology control solutions.

Some of the solutions provided by bioMérieux Industry include…

  • Automated equipment for sample and media preparation (SMASHERTM, Dilumat™, APS one, MasterClave®)
  • Automated system for Rapid Pathogen Detection (VIDAS®)
  • Automated systems for microbial identification and strain genotyping  (VITEK® 2 Compact, VITEK MS , Diversilab®)
  • Automated solution for the enumeration of micro-organisms in food (TEMPO®)
  • Environmental control : air, water and surface… (SAMPL’AIR™ , airIDEAL® 3P™ Traceability, Count-Tact®) - Monitoring of Temperature and other physical parameters (LabGuard®)
  • Rapid microbial detection analyzers for product sterility testing (Bact/ALERT® , Bactiflow®, ScanRDI®, D-Count®)
  • Standardized strains for quality control (BioBall®)
  • A large offer of culture media including chromogenics (ALOA, BACARA™, ASAP™ and chromID®)

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