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2, Avenue du President Kennedy

Tel: +33 139 046 880

Website: http://www.clontech.com
Email: [email protected]


Takara Bio Europe is a member of the Takara Bio Group, a leading supplier of tools for life scientists worldwide. 

Through our brand names TAKARA®, CLONTECH® and CELLARTIS™ we develop innovative technologies in the fields of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Proteomics and Stem Cell Research.

Key products include SMARTer™ cDNA synthesis kits for Next Generation Sequencing, the innovative In-Fusion® HD Cloning Plus System, high performance PCR/qPCR reagents, Tet-regulated gene expression systems, Living Colors® Fluorescent Proteins, as well as a broad choice of viral vectors/particles and transduction tools. With the recent acquisition of Cellartis AB (now Takara Bio Europe AB), Takara Bio has expanded its portfolio with ready-to-use hESC and iPSC derived hepatocytes and cardiomyocytes and culture media, as well as services for Stem Cell Research such as iPS cell generation, engineering and differentiation.

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