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Improving revenue: Finding the right talent (part 2)

Blog / 18 November 2013 / Dr Kevin Robinson

The response to a lack of skilled managers is often to take a ‘sticking plaster’ approach to the problem by deciding to take on one or two pricing managers and have them report into the commercial or finance team. Experience to date shows that this will have limited success, for a number of reasons…

Woman Screening Assay Scientist

Improving revenue: Finding the right talent (part 1)

Blog / 5 November 2013 / Dr Kevin Robinson

Few markets have undergone the degree of change experienced by the life sciences sector in recent years. The end of the blockbuster drug era, the increasing cost of product development and a growing population putting greater strain on healthcare services around the world have combined at a time when economic constraints are putting fierce pressures on the public purse to do more with less…


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