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resDNASEQ® E. coli Residual DNA Quantitation System

News, Supplier news / 1 June 2012 / Life Technologies

Integrated sample preparation and real-time PCR assay for the quantitation of E. coli host cell DNA…

Industry Insight: Applied Biosystems – the next generation of sequencing

Issue 6 2007, Past issues / 23 November 2007 /

For many years Applied Biosystems has continued to provide robust, reliable tools to analyse DNA and RNA, small molecules, and proteins, in order to make scientific discoveries, develop new pharmaceuticals and conduct standardised testing. Applied Biosystems has developed and introduced dozens of technologies that have catalysed the genomic and proteomics revolutions and are now essential to life science research and applied fields. The company’s biggest contribution has almost certainly been in the development and commercialisation of robust and reliable DNA sequencer technology, and the provision of quality reagents and consumables needed to ensure effective and comparable experimental data. Through the years, our DNA sequencers have remained the gold standard. The first automated DNA sequencer, introduced in 1986, could run 16 samples in a 12-hour cycle, analysing approximately 4,800 base pairs of DNA per day.

Identification and prevalidation of safety biomarkers

Issue 2 2006, Past issues / 24 March 2006 / Michaela Kroeger, Merck KGaA, Institute of Toxicology, Matthias Glückmann, Applied Biosystems, Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics

To date, hazard/risk assessment of new drugs and chemicals primarily relies on the investigation of toxicological endpoints from animal studies. In this field, the full range of genomics and proteomics technologies can be used in efforts to uncover the molecular mechanisms at work in response to xenobiotic exposure. These new disciplines, called toxicogenomics and toxicoproteomics, […]


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